Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Traveling with the kids made easy with Floor Bloom!

As a mom I love to see my boys happy and in their comfort zone so I have always had anxiety over traveling with the kids even if it was to a family members house for a weekend. I have a routine in place at home and when we step out of it I do not want the kids to feel out of place. I have been blessed to find a seriously genius product for the boys!

Floor Bloom floor pillows, these amazingly soft super lightweight pillows are perfect for the boys to lounge together and read a book or play Stack O Rings one of their favorite toys right now. I remember as a child always bringing a pillow in the car if we were going on a day trip or weekend away, so I offered Matthew the leaf pillow on a car ride to Grandmas house and he LOVED it ! I bring the floor pillows with us for the kids to have a space to sit and relax, it has relived a lot of anxiety about weather or not they will be comfortable. 

I feel like the pillows are the perfect size, big enough to be comfy cozy and not too bulky where someone wouldn't want them in the living room off to a corner. 

We will be traveling this summer and I can not wait to bring Floor Bloom along!

Click HERE to visit Floor Bloom and order yours.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Our Farmhouse Rehab Update

We are beyond excited to share this wonderful experience with you! This journey has just begun and we are currently in the raw part of our rehab, I say this after DEMO day it was crazy messy but so worth it! I will be sharing photos, information and learning experiences along the way! This rehab will be 100% DYI  and should be very interesting, be sure to follow along on Instagram (@themagnoliamom) for day to day Insta Stories.

The Property:  We picked up this property in foreclosure and it was in rough shape to say the least, the home is a solid concrete block home and will be completely rehabilitated inside down to the studs and outside to add character, we plan on painting, adding shutters adding a porch and changing out the front door. The property is out in the country and has Big, Beautiful Oak trees for shade and best of all tons of room for the boys run around and burn off energy!


Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest





Even though we knew the house was a disaster zone we fell in love with the property itself  it is A1 zoned for horses and grazing animals (Matthew has already requested a goat) we plan on adding chickens and miniature goats Pygmy or similar to the back side of the property.

Image via Pinterest

If you have been following us for a while you know we remodeled a property last year you can see that post HERE so we have some experience but this will be the first time we do a total rehab on a property let alone the property we will live in!

Follow us along this journey as we rehab our farmhouse 100% DYI !!


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Friday, March 24, 2017

Starting A New Easter Tradtion With The Easter Story Egg™

Happy Spring! I hope you all are getting outside and enjoying this beautiful weather, we certainly are. Easter is such a fun and meaningful time of year, the weather is great and everyone seems to have a renewed spirit after winter. This Easter we will be celebrating Easter with a new tradition one that I have found so fun and easy for the kids to participate in.

If you have not heard of The Easter Story Egg™  from Star From Afar Kids than you have to check them out and add this wonderful tradition to your family's Easter Celebrations! This Beautiful Set includes a hard cover book and a set of 7 wooden nesting eggs that starts on Palm Sunday and ends on Easter Sunday helping teach children the true meaning of Easter.

Each wooden egg is so beautiful painted with the different parts of the Easter Story, the quality is superb and will last for years to come!

Matthew started taking apart the eggs one by one each time with pure excitement and joy, "There's another one, and another one!" he smiled and admired all the eggs lined up, I explained to him starting Palm Sunday after church we will begin the story and each day he will be able to open one more egg, he is filled with excitement and looking forward to hearing each part of the story. I love looking at the world though his eyes it helps me stop and remember that life doesn't always have to be so busy and hectic its about the little things like reading my baby a book and seeing him smile that really fills the heart!

We love our The Easter Story Egg™  so much we are hosting a Giveaway!! Enter Below and Tag your friends on Facebook and Ingram so they can have a chance to win as well! If you'd like to buy yours now, Get 10% OFF your The Easter Story Egg™  HERE and use the code MAGNOLIA  !!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Everyday Life With The Boys - Nuby To The Rescue

Note: I was kindly sent the products featured in this post. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own. The Magnolia Mom Blog is a proud Nuby Parent Blogger Partner.

Everyday life with kids is a Wild Adventure to say the least, if its not "I'm Hungary" or "I Need a Snack" than they are bored of the show they started watching 5 minutes ago so the activities, toys and meal time accessories we choose to use make a huge difference for me. 

The first product we love is the Clik-it™ Flip-it™ Stainless Steel Insulated Cup, this is Matthews go to cup, he has never liked "sippy cups" and always loved straws, this cup keeps his drinks cold for 10 hours! Awesome for on the go! This cup does not leak, I have found it in the bottom of my diaper bag full and it has never leaked once, it is also very easy to clean, so important for me!

Good Morning

We usually do some kind of activity during the morning before we go outside, at this stage with Jacob becoming more aware of what his brother is doing we love using the Nuby Stack O' Rings I love the bright vibrant colors and how easy they are to clean! Big brother can show Jacob all the beautiful colors and keep him interested for at least half an hour ! 

These wonderful products are just two that we use and love everyday! Both of these products are easy to clean, the #1 thing I look for in any of the products I use for the kids.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Let's Make "Piece" A Tradition with Edwards Pie!

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Happy Pi Day! Today is March 14, 2017 "Pi Day" and I'd like to start a tradition, I have many special people in my life and it is important to me to show them piece, as my siblings and I have have started our adult lives we have all become different people with our own views and opinions, this is part of what I love so much about our adult life together we are all still very close and respect each others views what better way to celebrate our close relationship than with a YUMMY Edwards Pie

I have SO Many wonderful childhood memories over pi, its the reason you eat your green beans at thanksgiving. Right?! 

Be sure to like Edwards Pie on Facebook and join in tonight on Twitter for a live Party at 8pm #EdwardsPieceOffering 

Today "Pi Day 2017" is a great day, we will enjoy conversation and each other because a "PIE" is how we celebrate and PIECE always starts at home for me.

The Edwards Baking Company was founded in 1950 by namesake Tom Edwards!

Edwards Pies have always been a favorite of our family and can definitely be spotted at every Holiday Party and Pi Day at our house!

Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own