Friday, January 27, 2017

My New Found Love For Copper - Copper Mug CO & A Coupon!!

Okay, so the copper craze is real! I have seen more copper pieces floating around this past Holiday Season than ever! I am now the proud new owner of my first piece of copper dinnerware this stunning Pitcher from Copper Mug Co.  !

I am planning a special brunch this weekend and I know this pitcher will be the star of show! Copper Mug Co is having a Valentines Day Sale so go follow them on Instagram to find out when it goes live.

Here is Matthew my little helper getting ready for this weekend and that shirt you guys really does fit this little ladies man perfectly!

 This piece is so well made, this is one of those forever pieces that will outlast every other "Craze" piece. Copper is so beautiful and can really be mixed with all kinds of dinnerware.

Use Code MAGNOLIA10 for 10% OFF anything in the store!!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

A Healthy Makeup Routine With ZENMED!

Makeup can actually be good for my skin? Yes, it can with ZENMED! 100% Doctor-formulated, naturally-based skincare with a conscience in mind.

You guys ! I had the pleasure of working with ZENMED and trying the BB Cream, HiDef CC Powder and the Anti- Redness Mask I must say I'm hooked. With pharmaceutical-grade ingredients mixed with vitamins how could you go wrong, I honestly had a complicated makeup routine before kids adding primmer all the way too finishing spray, well life calls and I still love putting on makeup everyday because it makes me feel productive and awake (or is that the 5 cups of coffee ) 😊 Here is me using the BB Cream and the HighDef Powder first thing in the morning.


When I first squeezed out the BB Cream it was a little oily I just made sure I mixed it together well before applying it to my face and it was perfect! The BB Cream it applies so easily and gives me the right amount of coverage for daily use, I will add I wore the BB cream all day added a little when my husband got home and we went out to dinner so it is very versatile and  easy to add too. It is not greasy or oily nor does it have a bad smell like some of the big brands I have tried. The CC Powder has a yellow undertone and should not be used like a regular powder it works wonders on red spots / areas on the face and neck. This was after dinner at the park, still looks perfect.

I tried the Anti Redness Mask at night since I am always worried about how my skin is going react to a new product, it was so gentle and left my skin red free! I'm seriously in love with ZENMED and the fact there products are naturally based.

ZENMED is perfect for my daily life, being at home with the kids, running errands out at the park. It is so versatile, light and easy on your skin.I hope you try ZENMED and let me know how you like it!

Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.



Thursday, January 19, 2017

In One Year....

I can not believe I am pulling out Valentines Day decorations already! I remember this time last year I was chasing around my little man and thinking how lucky I was to have him. This Valentines Day I have Two little guys and the Handsome Man who gave them to me ➽ I feel beyond blessed to have my boys!

In one year we found out we were expecting another baby, moved to a different state, celebrated another year of marriage and had a baby!  I believe that life is not about how many breaths you take, but instead how many moments take your breath away. What's for certain is that the time we have is precious. Spend some time today with those you love. 

I am putting together an extra special "Valentines Day for Him" this year so follow me on Instagram to see my awesome finds sneak peak next week & for some awesome coupon codes !!! (@themagnoliamom)

This Time Last Year~ 2016



This Year we are a family of 4 & Matthew is still very much a ladies man!



Monday, January 16, 2017

Nursing Style with Figure 8 Maternity

I am beyond excited to have partnered with Figure 8 Maternity help me overcome one of my biggest challenges lately Nursing Style! Being comfortable as a nursing mother is very important to me and being able to nurse comfortably while we are out of the house has been an issue for me since Matthew my first son.

We have finally gotten past the two month mark with Jacob and have been able to go out a lot more, the weather in Florida has been great and we really enjoy taking our kids out to the park in the evenings to get some fresh air and run off some energy!

I am wearing the Tessa 3/4 Sleeve Knit Cross-Wrap Nursing Dress here it is so soft and makes the perfect dress for a casual family date night with my boys at the park. This dress would also be so easy to dress up and wear to the office or a formal event!

Check out Figure 8 Maternity for all the top brands of nursing and maternity wear! Figure 8 Maternity is so Amazing they are offering my followers 10% OFF with the code 10off@themagnoliamom expires 5/31/17 


XO- Amy


Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A New Year - A New Smile With Smile Brilliant ! + A GIVEAWAY!!!

Ring in the New Year with Bright White Teeth from Smile Brilliant + Don't miss the GIVEAWAY at the bottom !!!!

For those of you who are new here on The Magnolia Mom Blog this is my husband Bobby, who is the proud new owner of a BRIGHT WHITE SMILE! My husband drinks way too much coffee; well who doesn't right? As a result his teeth were stained, to be honest he will do anything to avoid a trip to the dentist, when he herd this was a dentist free way to professionally whiten he was all in!

Within a few days we received the kit witch included everything needed to make the custom fitted whiting trays including extra past in case you make a mistake! We followed the simple instructions to make the molds and let them sit overnight prior to popping them into the pre-paid envelop and dropping them off in the mail box.

In just a few short days they were here, he tried them on and they fit perfect!!

He started using the system the same night he received the trays and loved the overall ease of use, he could still watch T.V and play with the kids while he was whitening. The Custom Fitted Trays are amazing and have so many Benefits including a 2 year replacement warranty!

Check This Out!

Note that after treatment two he started getting a bit of sensitivity in his gums, he used a little Vaseline Gel prior to whitening the next treatments and did not have the issue anymore.

For all you over researchers out there like me, checkout another before and after here :)

Now you want to try Smile Brilliant for yourself right? Go enter this GIVEAWAY! This giveaway ends in two weeks.


Everyone wins! If you do not win this giveaway don't miss out, use the coupon code for 5% OFF ! coupon code: magnoliamomco

Whitening Teeth At Home

This Giveaway is in collaboration with SMILE BRILLIANT!
Note: I was kindly sent the product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!! I hope you all had a wonderful week with friends & family. I took time away from social media this Holiday Season to fully enjoy the magic of Christmas time though my Boy's eyes, with Matthew being 2.5 and it being Jacob's first Christmas I did not want to miss a second.

I have tones of exciting things going on with the blog this year, we have a giveaway with Smile Brilliant to start your new off with a Bright White Smile, we have also partnered with another great brand! Stay in touch for more on that Via Instagram @themagnoliamom and Facebook /themagnoliamom

Here are some pictures of our family of 4!

My New Years Resolutions are very simple this year.

1. Live in the Now  - I feel like life has been going 100MPH and I just want to enjoy each minute of everyday with my boys.

2. Take care of Me - This one is hard for me, I am always taking care of others before myself always my kids and my Husband of course, but others like Family and Friends always seem too come before me too and this year I will be taking a little more time too get my hair done, go for a relaxing day at the spa even waking up early to get dressed up even on the days I have no where to go! ;)

3. Be the Best Mom I Can Be! Motherhood is Tough, I just want to be the best Mom I Can Be!

I hope you all had a blessed Holiday Season and have a Happy New Year !!