Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Picture Keeper Connect - Review & Giveaway

Cannot Take Photo! The worst thing you can see on your phone when you go to take that perfect picture of your baby doing the sweetest thing for the first time. How many of us have gotten this message and scramble to delete something that is not "as important" to hope to gain enough memory to take the picture that has technically already passed. I know I have, and to be honest I should have backed up my photos, videos and contacts a long time ago, most of my sons "First" were just lingering on my phone and I always worried about loosing those precious memories.

Not any more! A Huge thank you to C/O Picture Keeper Connect for this amazing product that has lifted the burden of backing up my photos and videos. This is seriously the easiest thing you can use to back up your Apple or Android Device, yes it works for both!!


I started by downloading the Free App, from there it was so simple just plug and play! I choose to backup everything all my photos, videos and contacts. It took about 45 minutes to complete based on the fact I was backing up over 2,500 photos and 1,800 videos Wow! this this thing is amazing!! It was complete and I removed it, yes all my data was still on my phone... I flipped it over and plugged the USB drive into my computer with my external hard drive hooked up and opened the USB the same way you would any other USB drive, I dragged the folders "Photos" "Videos" and "Contacts" over to my external hard drive after just a few minutes of time I opened all the folders and viola ! Everything was there, I was so happy it was so simple, Matthew was still napping !

After confirming everything was backed up, I DID IT! I Deleted almost everything off my phone, It felt SO GOOD to know my data was not only safe but that all the new photos I will be taking of our new baby boy will have plenty of space and will be so easy to back up as often as id like! I will definitely be doing this at least once a week now just to keep my phone memory clean and clear and my mind off worrying about loosing such important memories.

Picture Keeper Connect would make the perfect stocking suffer, with all the family gatherings over the holidays I will certainty be using mine ALOT!
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Monday, October 24, 2016

Fall Around Here

October starts my favorite time of year. The cooler weather starts, naps seem to be longer and who can resist a nap with the windows open, am I right? For some reason I feel like people are more laid back this time of year, the Holidays are fast approaching and the year is almost though.

If you follow along on Instagram @themagnoliamom you seen my post on "Pure Joy" a photo of Matthew completely in the moment, loving the fresh air and the bright colors of the Pumpkin Patch, running around and just enjoying life. I love this time of year, I don't love being a 100 weeks pregnant! Yes, this baby is snug in mama's belly and doesn't seem  to have any urge to come out any time soon!

 We have been walking our neighborhood, trying to walk this baby out! No luck yet.

 We had so much fun at our Church Pumpkin Patch last weekend! His face says it all, It's the simple things like an orange snow cone!

Trying to get him to stay still for more than two seconds with all the fun going on was quit a task, I did mange to snap a couple of photos of my last few days being pregnant with this baby! If you are currently pregnant or have had been in your last few weeks you know what I am talking about when I say leggings and flats are my best friend right now!

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Mother Hood Is My Muse Shirt, Black Flats TIEKS, Spiderman shoes he wouldn't leave the store without (priceless ;)  )

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Falling for JORD - Review & Giveaway!

I have never been huge on wearing a ton of jewelry, on a daily basis but, you can always find me with two pieces on, my wedding ring and a watch! When I was introduced to C/O JORD Wood Watches I was over the moon excited to add this beautiful piece to my collection! The natural wood tones scream fall, when I received it I instantly fell in love with its beauty, I chose the Zebrawood & Champagne from the FRANKIE 35 series.

Yes, we all carry phones these days but, there is nothing easier for a Mama carrying a baby or two to glance down at her watch to quickly check the time. I usually keep my phone in my purse especially while I'm driving or in the store so having the time at a glance is so helpful. I can not tell you how many complements I have already received on this gorgeous piece.

Jord watches is offering one lucky reader a $75 Gift Card! Everyone is a winner! Anyone who enters will receive a $20 e-credit via email towards their purchase. The ending date for this giveaway is  November 6th at 11:59pm.

Note: I was kindly sent this product featured in this post in exchange for writing about it – all are designated with “c/o”. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.

This post was sponsored by JORD Wood Watches, all opinions are my own.



Wednesday, October 12, 2016

What's In my Hospital Bag!

Well here I am ready to POP and I am finally packed and ready to go! The procrastination is part waiting for some of the items to arrive and part chasing after a 2.5 yr old wild man! I was packed and ready to go with him at 36 weeks (things change when you have a little person who "needs" you every time you close the door to do something.

 With that being said, here is what I packed in my Hospital Bag for baby #2!


  For Mama:
  • Nursing Friendly Pajamas (2 pairs) I'm bringing nursing tanks and comfortable pj pants to be as at home as possible! 
  • Hygiene I'm bringing Make-up, travel size shampoo/conditioner, body wash, Hair tie, Toothbrush and toothpaste, hairdryer. 


  • Shrinkx Belly® Bamboo Charcoal c/o UpSpring
    I’m planning on wearing this immediately after delivery as it’s supposed to help shrink your uterus and eliminate excess fluid! The charcoal will help increase blood flow and speed healing in addition to shrinking swelling, yes!      
  • Cozy Socks for during Labor I'm bringing a pair of cozy socks with rubber grips on the bottom in case I have to get up and walk around during labor.
  • The Birth Gown c/o Della B. Mine is the Pink Harper, I am bringing this beautiful gown as it will definitely make me feel much nicer than wearing the very worn out gowns provided by the hospital, this gown has hidden features like the hidden front zipper that will make skin to skin and nursing a breeze after delivery. The material is so soft and light it will be so comfortable during labor, there are many different colors and styles to chose from.
For Baby:

  • Diapers Honest Co  I know the hospital will have these but we love honest diapers especially for newborn skin as it is so sensitive! 
  • Swaddle and Hat set c/o Milkmaid Goods I am bringing this as a result of missing out on a truly "Newborn" Hospital photo with Matthew, you don't realize how much baby changes in the first 24 hours until its to late and I would love to get hospital photos this time around in a cute swaddle.  
  • Going Home Outfit/ Blanket I'm bringing footed pajamas because I want baby to be comfortable, I am also bringing a super cozy soft blanket for the ride home.
  • New Classic Collection Mocs c/o Freshly Picked How perfect are these Classic Birch Moccasins from the new classic collection at Freshly Picked ! I have to bring these along to start photographing memories made in his new Moc's!                           
  Don't forget to tell dad to be too pack his overnight bag and have it ready as well, this is comfortable shorts and a tee shirt, toothbrush, sandals, extra pillow and going home outfit for my husband ! 

Note: I was kindly sent several products featured in this post in exchange for writing about them – all are designated with “c/o”. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom is able to keep running! All opinions are my own.

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