Thursday, November 23, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

The time has come !!! My annual anticipated Holiday Gift Guide is HERE, and I am so happy to have had the pleasure of working with so many AMAZING Companies to find this years perfect guide.
Let’s jump right in, with gifts for the kiddos ! Because let’s be honest fulfilling their wishes brings so much joy.
This racetrack by KidKraft is nothing short of AMAZING ! The built in table doubles as storage and has proven itself with hours of solo play for Matthew ! Exclusively sold at Sam’s @samsclub #KidKraftKids
Definitely an awesome choice for kids 3+ when we received the box I was amazed how large the table was, it gives just the right amount of space for fast Speedway action, the tables theme is Disney Pixar’s Cars 3 (Matthew loves Cars 3) so seeing each character was really amazing for him. The table is real wood and has so many interchangeable pieces so the track is never the same, great to help build imagination and focus on re-building the track to allow the cars to run smoothly.
We adore these rockers!! Rockabye rockers are not your average rocker, they are assembled in the USA and they also play educational songs to add to the fun while the kids are rocking away !!
COLOR its the key to success for me when trying to get and keep the boys attention, LOOK how fun these Re-Play Recycled sets are ! Jacob is now at the age where he can start sitting with his brother at the “Kids” Table at least for snack time 🙂 it makes it so fun to see them interacting and sharing snacks.
Let’s Jump into something FOR HIM****
Let me be honest here it’s really hard to shop for him, especially when you’ve been together for the greater part of your adulthood and have gotten him every “go too” Gift there ever was.
Ready, Set, GO!!!!! Buy him an Xtreme Experience! He will forever thank you when he gets to experience a few laps in his dream car!!!
Xtreme Experience is available nation wide throughout the year, it just so happens we will be Driving Exotic Cars At Palm Beach Intl Raceway come the weekend of Dec. 1,2 here in Florida:)
Be sure to follow along on Instagram to see us live at the Palm Beach International Raceway Driving a Dream Car with Xtreme Experience!!!
The following Gifts are for everyone!! Him, Her, Sister, Brother, Cousins…. anyone who just has it all and is worth a Unique thoughtful gift!!
Ancestry DNA Test seem to be “the thing to do” now a days and why not? The testing has become so affordable and so easy it’s just worth getting an inside look. At where we come from. I had my husband take Home DNA and we are currently awaiting the results. The process was so easy! If you did not catch my insta stories unboxing I’ll quickly go over how we started the testing journey.
The box contains 4 Test swabs, a simple information return card and a prepaid return envelope. We followed the directions swabbed the inside of his cheeks with all 4 swabs filled out the card and placed everything into the return envelope. The results will be back in about 6 weeks.
Can’t wait to learn more about his heritage not only for him but to help us form a bigger picture for our children to pass down.
If you have lost it, miss placed it or ever feared loosing it Tile It! Seriously you guys, you can not beat knowing you have a way to help find your lost or miss placed items. See our story with TileHERE.
Smile Brilliant was on my Holiday Gift Guide last year as well, I am still a huge fan!! Custom fitted whitening trays you can do at home !! 5% coupon code: magnoliamomco
So if you know someone who would appreciate a bright white smile gift Smile Brilliant! Trust me it’s worth it.
Oliday is a collection of premium quality backpacks, travel bags, and camera bags. Yes, a bag for everyone!! I use mine as a baby bag that also holds my laptop ! Double score!! You seen my Oliday Bag in our recent story with Tile.
It is water resistant and holds all the things, it has a over the shoulder strap for easy carrying and is the perfect neutral color so my husband can take it along when he takes the kids to activities or to the park.
5. WODBOM box of the month
Because fitness is one of the top New Years resolutions, I love WODBOM to Gift an easy way to help them stay motivated and ready with healthy snacks, equipment and apparel that all arrives to your doorstep every month!! #WODBOM
This one is staying with the fitness trend and keeping that new Mom or Mom to be motivated and looking good! Ollie Gray Anywhere Bra will allow her to go from Home to Work and to the Gym all with comfort and the ability to pump and feed the baby without having to change bras. I can tell you from experience this is huge and takes away the stress of thinking about why type of bra to wear.
The designs are so gorgeous!
I will always be on the lookout for fun, practical holiday gifts and deals that will arrive on time, be sure to follow along on Instagram @themagnoliamom and TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS to be sure my new post show up first in your feed! Watch insta stories for quick ideas.
Wishing you a Happy a Happy Holiday Season from my Family to yours!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Instant Bedroom Upgrade with Lighting from Lamps Plus

Instant Bedroom Upgrade with Lighting from Lamps Plus 

When it comes to Lighting, who else needs some inso!? I know I spend hours on Pinterest searching for just the right lighting that will go with my home and style. I was lucky enough to find Lamps Plus where the inspiration is so GOOD! Check out Lamps Plus Instagram Pg. for your daily dose of inspo. and get the just the right light for your space! 

What do you think about these gorgeous modern lamps I added to our Master bedroom for an instant upgraded feel! 

I added one to our floating shelf nightstand in an awkward corner that really needed light. I had searched for months for just the right look and I finally found it with Lamps Plus! 

If you follow along on Instagram you seen the $200 GIVEAWAY we did in collaboration with Lamps Plus ! Follow along @themagnoliamom for more awesome Giveaways!! 

I added the 2nd lamp to my desk corner nook, it has made working late so much easier and has added just the right touch to my work space

I am absolutely in LOVE with Lamps Plus and I know you will be too, follow them on Instagram HERE for more amazing Giveaways and Inspiration !!


Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Adding Color Makes Meals Fun! With Re -Play Recycled

COLOR its the key to success for me when trying to get and keep the bays attention, LOOK how fun these Re-Play Recycled sets are ! Jacob is now at the age where he can start sitting with his brother at the "Kids" Table at least for snack time :) it makes it so fun to see them interacting and sharing snacks. 

On the menu this morning was Pumpkin Bread, Raisins & Chia Seed Vanilla Yogurt! Re-Play is an amazing company, in fact Re-Play plates, bowls, utensils, and cups are made out of recycled HDPE plastic – basically that means milk jugs! 

Supporting companies that make a conscious decision to make a difference is very important to me, this is why I am proud to announce our new partnership with Re-Play Recycled, plates, bowls, utensils, and cups you will see us using from now on. 

The Colors you see here are from the BOLD collection you can find so many different colors perfect to fit any decor or style! 

as always be sure to follow along on Instagram @themagnoliamom 


Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Let's Find Him Together with Tile

When it comes to your child's favorite toy, blankie, pacie, ect.... us moms would do ANYTHING in the moment our child thinks they lost it! Meet Puppy he doesn't make an appearance here much, in fact we are probably hiding puppy in most of the photos that are posted here. Puppy is Matthew's first stuffed animal whom he has loved for 3 years and will basically be a stage 5 basket case over if he even remotely thinks he is missing. So with the help of my new friend Tile I can now locate him whenever and where ever he may be!

 Puppy usually finds himself in my diaper bag or in Matthews pocket, hey you can never be to sure when it comes to your puppy! He loved his new Tile tag!!

We went out to the park today, just to breath in some fresh fall air and try and get over our post vacation colds a little faster. Puppy and new Tile came with us! 

I told Matthew  was going to show him how Tile worked since he is in the stage of asking Why ? and How? a Bizzzilloon times a day. 

I dropped puppy about ten steps away from a tree and then asked Matthew to go in my bag and get Puppy, he of course did not see him! I consoled him and told him it was all a part of the plan and he was not far (I had eyes on him) ;) 

I told him we will find him together and showed him I could locate his new Tile  he also herd the ringtone was immediately able to run and find him! It was such a great experience, it took So Much street off frantically thinking he was LOST and allowed me to stop think clearly and located what was "Lost" 

We found him! and just like that all was well. Tile is an amazing piece of technology, I have already ordered a few more!! Have you ever lost something ? Maybe even recently (AKA my husband everyday!!) you need Tile !! 

Tile is Amazing! and will defiantly be in some stockings this year ;) 


Sunday, November 5, 2017

Boho Baby Bear 1st Birthday

Note: I was kindly sent the products featured in this post. It’s thanks to wonderful sponsors like these that The Magnolia Mom Blog is able to keep running! All opinions are my own. The Magnolia Mom Blog is a proud Freshly Picked Partner.

Our Baby is 1 .....  am truly in awe how fast this year has gone by. When I found out I was pregnant with Jacob our 2nd baby I did not know how being a mom of 2 would work, I had given my all to our first son 24/7 for the past 2 years at that time and too be honest I was nervous. Last year we welcomed Jacob with open loving arms and he has been the perfect addition to our family ever since.

Jacob: you are and will forever be my baby bear, you are mamas boy and love to snuggle, you sleeped though the night since day 1 (WHAT??!!), you always wake up happy and make us all laugh at your silly faces when you eat. We LOVE you beyond measure, Happy 1st Birthday.

 I came up with this "Boho Baby Bear Theme" all around the Paw Print design of Freshly Picked Mocs, I seen them and knew they would be perfect for our Baby Bear.

Honestly he does not like to wear shoes, but he loves socks so when we go out out we always put on a pair of Mocs and he seems to be ok with the compromise. Low and behold he took his took his actual First Steps today in FP Mocs !!!! from his first pair to his pair he took his first steps in I feel such a connection with FP and I'm so happy they were a part of his 1st Birthday.

We had a small celebration with close family this year since my husbands birthday is just a few days prior to Jacobs we took a family vacation to spend as much quality time with our boys as possible before the RUSH of the Holidays.

I had so much fun working with some really great shops for this, I love how one idea can become reality so magically!

Mocs: Freshly Picked
Beautiful Fresh Garland: The Garland Guy 
Birthday Crown: Little Ones Baby Co
Play Tent: Made Pretty Again
Woodland Backdrop: Drop Place
Tee Pee Cake Topper: Rustic Redo
Log Pillow: Witty Novelty

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween this year we had a Ninja and the Hulk both with missing pieces (AKA Ripped off)

Our Ninja was missing his face cover because it was (making him not breath) and our Hulk was missing his Hulk hair because he refuses to wear hats. 

Friday, July 21, 2017

July Cord Blood Awareness Month Get Informed

I can not believe we are already in July ! I feel like we just rang in the new year and here we are seeing Christmas in July Sales, right? July is a very important month, it is Cord Blood Awareness Month you may have heard about cord blood in the past, today I am talking about Cord Blood Registry the truth is if you are expecting or know someone expecting it is a very exciting time to become a parent with this newfound research and you should be as informed as possible to make the right decision for you and your family.

When I had my first son 3 years ago the only information I received about CBR was a pamphlet at my Drs office in my welcome bag, no one explained any of the amazing benefits to us. Then my second son came along just a few months ago and this time we had our Dr vaguely go over the benefits. Our family only became familiar with the newest information right before we welcomed our second son, I felt I was not informed enough to go through with the banking of his stem cells so we we decided to opt out. This is the reason I am so happy to talk about the cord blood registry here in a space where questions are welcome and comments are welcome!

Having a baby is such an emotional and beautiful time in life for families but it is also very important that we educate ourselves on very import aspects of today's information like cord blood awareness.

I wish I would have been more educated about the amazing benefits of Cord Blood the choice is yours, get educated and make the best decision for you and your family. I would most certainly consider cord blood banking in the future. Find out more from the Cord Blood Registry

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