Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Little Man Cave in The Making

As you know we are expecting another baby BOY soon, which means putting together another boy themed room :-) no pink or ruffles over here just down to earth, easy to clean Boy stuff ! I have been in nesting mode since we moved, yes! We moved :-) ( I will post a separate post on that) and I cannot wait to share my new spaces with you all!! We have a very exciting photo shoot of the new baby's nursery and detailed post coming up so look out for that and pssst .... There may be a huge giveaway with to look out for keep up to date by following us on Instagram @themagnoliamom and snapchat @themagnoliamom for a more personal look into our daily grove with one wild little boy! 

(Photo Via www.artsypumpkin.com )